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Empower Your Defense: Mastering the Art of Personal Security

Unlock Confidence and Safety with Comprehensive Training in Physical, Mental, and Situational Defense at StopTheAttack.org

About us

At StopTheAttack, we empower individuals with comprehensive personal security training. Our holistic approach covers physical, mental, medical, statistical, legal, and financial aspects. From empty hand techniques to defenses against real-world threats like home invasions and date rape, our focus is on practical, gross motor skills. Join our global movement, gain confidence, and navigate life's challenges safely with StopTheAttack.


Frank Williams

Frank Williams

Meet Frank Williams, your dedicated self-defense instructor at StopTheAttack.org. From a challenging childhood in a tough neighborhood to military and law enforcement service, Frank's journey fueled a commitment to personal safety. Trained in Jujitsu and hand-to-hand combat, he developed a mindset that emphasizes swift, effective action when escape isn't an option. As a Christian, husband, father, and veteran, Frank brings a unique perspective to self-defense. 'Stop the Attack' Co. offers practical, effective fighting skills covering physical, mental, emotional, and situational aspects. With decades of experience, Frank's promise is clear: to empower you and help you avoid becoming a victim. Welcome to a community where your safety is our priority.

Dr. Steve Snodgrass, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Meet Dr. Steve Snodgrass, a distinguished former Chief of Surgery, Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and a sixth-degree black belt in Aggressive Reactive Combat. With a stellar medical career and a passion for martial arts, Dr. Snodgrass brings a unique blend of expertise to StopTheAttack.org. His extensive knowledge of human anatomy, coupled with decades of surgical experience, has shaped an unparalleled approach to self-defense. Co-author of the groundbreaking martial arts book, 'The Equation,' and collaborator on 'STOP THE ATTACK!,' Dr. Snodgrass is committed to sharing combat-proven techniques that could be the key to saving lives. Join us in learning from a seasoned professional who believes in empowering individuals to navigate a world where self-defense is paramount. Your safety is our priority, and Dr. Snodgrass is here to guide you on the path to personal security.

Dr. Steve Snodgrass

Our Training Includes

Comprehensive Training Approach

Physical, mental, medical, statistical, legal, and financial training to prevent and counter attacks.

Core Physical Techniques:

Empty hand techniques, addressing multiple ranges for distances.Specialized defenses for guns, knives, blunt force weapons, ground attacks, multiple attackers, and various situations.

Real-World Applications

Practical and applicable techniques with no exaggeration or hype.

Global Empowerment Movement

Emphasis on a broader mission to help individuals avoid victimization in various life situations.

Scenario-Specific Training:

In-depth coverage of defenses for home invasions, travel safety, date rape situations, and automobile/personal abductions.

Gross Motor Skill Emphasis

Simple and effective training methods focusing on gross motor skills.

Expert Instructors

Our team comprises seasoned professionals dedicated to your safety. With backgrounds in law enforcement, military, and martial arts, our expert instructors bring a wealth of practical knowledge to guide you through comprehensive self-defense training.

Holistic Approach

Embrace a holistic approach to personal safety. Beyond physical techniques, our training encompasses mental, medical, statistical, legal, and financial aspects. We believe that a well-rounded understanding is key to empowering individuals in any life situation.

Real-World Applications

Train for real-life scenarios with our practical, scenario-specific defenses. From home invasions to travel safety, our training equips you with effective techniques for various situations. No hype, just real-world applications designed to keep you safe.

Gross Motor Skill Emphasis

Discover the power of simplicity. Our training places a strong emphasis on gross motor skills, ensuring that techniques are straightforward and effective. No complex maneuvers, just practical skills that anyone can master. Empower yourself with simplicity.


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Linda H.

StopTheAttack.org has truly changed my perspective on personal safety. The comprehensive training, covering everything from physical techniques to legal and financial insights, is unparalleled. The real-world applications make the learning experience incredibly practical. I feel empowered and better prepared for any situation life might throw at me.

healty testimonial 2

Mark T.

As a skeptic about self-defense training, StopTheAttack.org has won me over. The emphasis on gross motor skills and simplicity is refreshing. The instructors provide a realistic approach without unnecessary hype. The scenario-specific training, especially for travel and home situations, gives me confidence in my ability to protect myself and my loved ones.

healty testimonial 3

Sarah M.

I can't thank StopTheAttack.org enough for the life-changing training they provide. The focus on mental and medical aspects, alongside physical techniques, sets this program apart. The instructors genuinely care about empowering individuals. The scenario-specific defenses, like date rape and personal abductions, have given me valuable tools to navigate the world safely.

healty testimonial 3

Alex B.

StopTheAttack.org offers more than just self-defense techniques; it's a holistic approach to personal safety. The combination of physical, mental, and legal training is brilliant. I appreciate the commitment to real-world applications, making the learning experience practical and relevant. Joining this community has been a game-changer for me.

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